Friday, November 16, 2012

The Hobbit TV Spot "After Effect" ( comments & expectations )

Trailer after trailer , The Hobbit is getting closer to us . It’s now less than a month left to the movie !   
In the past few days my excitement got over the top , especially due to the recently released TV spots :) . Therefore , I decided to share some comments about them .
At the beginning the trailers were more general – introducing us to the characters , showing us glimpses of some amazing locations and also giving hints about the main storyline. It was really thrilling to watch those first clips ! It was the return to Middle Earth !

But as more and more clips came out , I can now say that I am really eager to see this movie not only because it portraits one of my favorite books but also as a movie in general .

There are few points ( in random order ) that I like about how Peter Jackson developed the story ( all based on the previews )

1 – The Dwarves 

I consider giving the dwarves a specific visual characteristics and personality to be a really good decision. In the book most of them are not very well defined and it works ok but for the movie it is times better for them to have their own distinctive features.

In all  the scenes we get to see them , they bring entertainment and charm to the story . It is a delight to watch them and I am sure they will  be sugar and spice of the films . 

As for Thorin – no , I  didn’t imagine him to look like that at all but the emotions he transmits are just right . He looks noble , superior,  a little dark and mysterious . He seems to carry “ dark memories “ of sad events on his forehead . He is Thorin Oakenshield even if not in the way most might have imagined him – he has it in himself . I am looking forward to see how this character will develop in the movie !

I used to be a very stubborn fan back in the day – I wanted all to be by the book ! Then I grew to realize this is not possible and above all this is not the purpose of any based on a book movie . An adaptation is just one point of view over a story . It must be faithful to the original but it also can contribute to it in a way , to enrich it . 
I think that those 3 movie, combining the story of the Hobbit with all the stories of the appendixes , will be kind of contribution to the Tolkien world , rather something that contradicts it .
There are always the things you and I might have imagined differently … but PJ cannot ever satisfy us all no matter what he does.

In any case - I can’t wait to know more about those dwarves !  

2 – Bilbo Baggins

If Bilbo had  not been a convincing character all the story would have been doomed to fall into pieces . But Bilbo is great ! As much as I saw from him , I loved it ! Martin Freeman seems to be brilliant in his performance . I don’t say that  because he looks like Bilbo , but because he acts like him ( and when I say act , I mean behave )  He seems really natural playing the hobbit and one can easily say – he is Bilbo ! 
I really appreciate Martin as an actor and I think after the Hobbit , I will do it even more . 

3 – The characters relationship 

The best about this movie is not going to be the special effect or the fighting scenes – it is going to be its characters! As I said before – the fact that each of them is so well developed brings the whole story on another level.
I loved the conversation between Bilbo and Thorin in TV Spot 6 – it is an indication for me that the movie will go deeper into the characters relationships and explore more about the way they will influence each other  and the reasons that brought them to this adventure . ( I can already see myself sobbing at particular scenes in the 3rd film … I won’t say more to avoid spoilers )

4 -  Everything looks so beautiful !

One of the main winning point of this movie is its visuals ! This couldn’t never be  or should be denied . Besides special effects , the most spectacular about this movie is the real shots of some of the most amazing landscapes of New Zealand .
Usually , I don’t like too many filters and artificial coloring and lights in a movie – but the colors in the Hobbits are simple so Beautiful ! Every frame seems to be a piece of art – it brings so much more feeling to the story , even only subconsciously .
This movie should be seen in its full glamour! Whoever is too lazy to go the cinema to watch it is a total looser ! :P ( literally - will lose(miss) a lot!  ) 

5 – Devotion ( this has nothing to do with the TV spots ... but whatever ) 

One think I liked about LOTR and I like about the Hobbit is the devotion of each member of the crew for the project . Making the Hobbit was ( is ) a long process but all the time spent into re-creating Middle Earth was worth it . The attention to detail makes those movies  so real in way .
I have always admired all the people at Weta  , the costume designers , the set designers , the concept artist and so on . The amount of talent from so many various types of art and craft poured into this one project is rare to see in productions. They really did create Middle Earth !

And I cannot wait to go back to this magical and wonderful world !

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