I spontaneously made this blog to countdown the days left to the release of the movie The Hobbit !
I did such a calendar ( a paper one ) back in the day when the Fellowship of the Ring was about to hit the theaters . I feel like the whole LOTR hysteria is back to take over the world again, so I decided to start making online version of the calendar .

I will share everyday a calendar piece with you - you can find all the pieces choosing the "calendar" label .
Besides that I will occasionally post photos , videos , comments and other things related to the LOTR and The Hobbit . I think making this blog is a good way to pour all my excitement out without annoying some of my new friends who just don't know how much I love Tolkien's LOTR universe !

I hope you  enjoy the blog as well !

You can also follow the calendar updates on tumblr. - http://thehobbit-countdown.tumblr.com/
or on Facebok -http://www.facebook.com/TheHobbitCountdownCalendar

PS I might sometimes post few pages of the calendar at once , if I am to go out of town or I know that for some reason I won't have time to come here everyday ( this will be rare , don't worry ! )

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